How can we collect your 3 home improvement estimates for free?

Customers often ask "You put in so much time and effort to help us with this project. How can it be free?"

First of all, we've completely reinvented the process by eliminating the company salesperson (and the commission).
My 3 Quotes will serve as your contact throughout the install process and be an advocate for you. 

Appointment costs are also extremely expensive, whether it be direct mail, home shows, door knocking, search engine optimization,
radio or tv ads, billboards etc. Every contractor invests thousands of dollars to be seen by potential siding, window, or roofing customers.
My 3 Quotes sale comes to them with no marketing cost.

My 3 Quotes charges a fee to the company that gets selected by the customer. This fee is significantly less than what the company normally needs to pay to generate a sale and pay commission. Therefore, when quoting on the job, the company is motivated to go right to their bottom dollar for two reasons:

1. Because they know they are competing against two other highly rated companies.

2. Because their marketing and sales costs for a My 3 Quotes  job are less than what it costs through traditional methods.

What we have here is a win-win-win situation for all parties, which is why we started My 3 Quotes

Lowest prices, best companies, no hassle!

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